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(ITOA) Data Science Venn Diagram

15 Dec 2013

A few days ago I stumbled upon this image (from The Data Science Venn Diagram)

I thought it was a wonderfully simple framework for thinking about the IT Operations Analytics. Replace the 'Data Science' at the intersection with 'IT Operations Analytics / Data Science', and you have a nice abstraction of the space, in terms of areas to explore and master as you work towards mastery as a Data Scientist in the ITOA area.

You may be coming at this from an IT Operations perspective, with plenty of substantive experience already, in which case, you might start exploring the relevent math & stats knowledge. Someone with hacking and machine learning skills might need to ramp up on some IT Operations experience (e.g. what does the data look like, what is important to the users, what is the deployed state-of-the-art ).

This framework also will help guide us as we develop the agenda for the podcast mentioned in my previous post.

Simple but effective.

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