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02 Nov 2013

I welcome you to this new blog and am excited to get it going. Before I get blogging here in earnest, let me give you some sense of where I'm coming from. Over the last few years I've spent much of my professional time bouncing between hardcore code-slinging and crunching domain-specific data related to products I've been developing. My primary focus has been in the area generally known as IT Operations, and in recent years, more specifically in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), which is basically applying Analytics techniques to the operation of large IT systems and the related infrastructure. I've been involved in this space since the early '90s, though with my academic background in Mechanical Engineering, I guess in hindsight, I've been deep in 'analytics' of one sort or another for many years.

I find that having skills in both software development and data analytics to be a great advantage as I go about my daily business. At the present time, with the importance of analytics and data science on the rise, and even factoring out the hype-factor, basic competency in both of those skill domains is becoming almost mandatory for those working the IT domain. Those with an instinctive knack for both data analytics, coupled with solid software dev abilities are highly advantaged when it comes to more rapidly creating and assessing solutions, exploring new hunches and notions about what kind of anaytics might be applicable to particular problems, and creating solutions and from there building products.

It is with these thoughts in mind, coupled with a strong desire to learn and improve further, I am creating this blog. My basic intention is to use it as a forum to share my knowledge, explorations and thoughts. Just as important to me, is to use it as a vehicle to facilitate my own learning, as I interact with some of the many talented people out there working this space. For some things I'll talk about, I will have deep, hard-gained knowledge to draw upon, whilst for many others, I really will be learning as I go, and so I do welcome your helpful feedback and comments. Whilst I do have my primary of focus in ITOA by virtue of my day job, and will probably have a solid proportion of related comments, there is so much interesting activity in the wider area of data science that it seemed like a shame not to allow for a broader perspective in this blog. I've therefore gone with the wider 'data science' aspect to the title. As for the 'real' prefix, it simply implies that I intend for things to be grounded in reality, with a focus on practical considerations related to building real stuff for real people.

I look forward to you accompanying me on this journey.

On a logistical note, this site is developed using jekyll. This is my first time trying jekyll. I'd been looking for something much lighter than the typical blogging platforms and this seems to fit the bill. I'm literally only a few hours into it, finding my way around, and no doubt I'll hit some bumps along the road, but the fact that you are reading this tells me I at least got some bits right, and therefore I'll declare 'so far so good'.

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