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Enforced Ruby experiences

20 Aug 2014

Of course I've been aware of Ruby for many years. I think I probably installed it years ago for a bit of a play. I never did take it up, not because of any fundamental dislike of the languag, rather, I was already a die-hard Smalltalker, and my thought was always, why bother?, it's Smalltalk-lite, with different syntax, and maybe a bigger user base who don't know what they are missing!.

Recently, because of working with Logstash, and also Jekyll which I use in the creation of this blog, I've been forced to wade into Ruby a bit. Logstash, because that's the implementation language for the custom extensions aka 'plug-ins' (as well as Logstash itself), and Jekyll, when it comes to debugging some plug-ins there.

For the two purposes above, it's fine. My extensive Smalltalk background makes adopting Ruby extremely easy for me. However, a this stage, I'd probably never adopt Ruby for any of my own projects. Not because of any fundamental dislike of it (as I long have had with Java!) I'm happy to use it when I have to, to get something which depends on it, done. The reason is that I've already made the switch from Smalltalk to Scala for day to day general purpose programming, and R when I'm focused on my datascience/analytics pursuits.

That being said, Ruby is pleasent to work with - no complaints from me on that score!

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